A Good App for your Kids: Light Sleepers

I stumbled upon this website, Light Sleepers, while I was searching for an application that I can download for McKenzie.

She loves using our phones and the tablet PC so I want to make sure she is able to learn while playing with them.

Light Sleepers is an animated storybook website created by a small independent crew of multimedia artists who wants to creat quality entertainment for children that is beautiful, innocent and sweet.

They take pride in their creative efforts to combine beautiful graphics and animation with exciting stories that are fun and engaging.

They have 4 applications available for download from the iTunes store and the Android Market: 

 “An animated storybook that shares the adventures of Koto, a tenacious dog who hears things that go bump in the night, and decides to do something about it. The app's story follows Koto and the mysterious chases he embarks on while trying to maintain peace and quiet on his night watch.”
Featured in iPad Insight's "Best iPad Apps of 2011" under the "Best iPad Apps for Kids and Family" category.
$ 2.99

 “Tonight Ann just can't seem to fall asleep. Which of her toys will help her get to slumber land?”
$ 2.99

 “A story about Jarvis - a playful hedgehog who makes a new friend through games and adventures.”
$ 1.99

 “A story about how much fun you can have by looking at the world around you, even from your bedroom window. Life, colors and little stories can be found everywhere.”
$ 1.99

They also have a coloring pages section where you can print out images that your kids can color or even have them color online.

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